Introduction to MTSS for Behavior in Elementary, Middle and High Schools


Is School-wide Positive Behavior Support an Evidence-based Practice?
This document provides information about the research supporting school-wide positive behavior support.

What Every Administrator Should Know About School-wide Positive Behavior Supports
A brief summary of school-wide positive behavior support and what administrators should know about the implementation process before getting started.

The Building Blocks of Positive Behavior
This article comes from Teaching Tolerance magazine, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

School Professionals

How to get PBS into your school
Helpful hints for getting started implementing school-wide positive behavior support.

Impact: Feature Issue on Fostering Success in School and Beyond for Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders
Newsletter with introductory articles from a variety of leaders in the field of behavioral interventions and supports.

School-wide Positive Behavior Support: Investing in Student Success
Horner, R., Sugai, G., & Vincent, C. (2008). Excellent introduction to school-wide positive behavior support.

School, Family, and Community Members

Association for PBS: What is PBS?
Description of what positive behavior support is from different fields, including school-wide positive behavior support with individuals. In addition, research publications are listed related to different topics associated with positive behavior support.

Florida's Frequently Asked Questions about Positive Behavior Support
A helpful question and answer format answering common questions about positive behavior support and school-wide discipline from the state of Florida’s PBS website.

North Carolina's PUBS Video
This video provides a general introduction to schoolwide positive behavior support (referred to as Positive Unified Behavior Support in North Carolina).

Pacer Center Training Modules
Introductory materials describing school-wide positive behavior support

School-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (SW-PBIS): Information for Parents
A five-page information document that provides parents with an overview of Positive Behavior Support. Additionally, information is provided for parents to become involved in school-wide PBS and for helping them play a supportive/ collaborative role in the connection between Positive Behavior Support at school and in the home environment.

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