Marketing and Visibility

Part of MTSS for Behavior involves reaching out beyond the school to make sure everyone knows and is involved in prevention-based efforts. MTSS for behavior is based on the knowledge that a student’s behavior is impacted by many things. The classroom, school, district, and state environments can have a positive or negative impact on student behavior.

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The links in this section show examples of state-wide planning that increases knowledge and awareness of MTSS for Behavior. District websites are used to promote family and community involvement in MTSS and school websites are used to support the MTSS implementation efforts. All of these websites in this section provide ways to share tools and examples, celebrate success, and share information about MTSS with a broader audience. Click here for the TA Center Blueprint, a document that is used to support marketing and visibility at the state, district and school team levels.

State-wide PBS Team Websites

District-wide PBS Websites

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