Tier 1 MTSS for Behavior Implementation

Tier 1 MTSS Behavior Implementation efforts are also referred to as Primary Prevention activities. Strategies at Tier 1 involve teaching social skills to all students within the school, systematically reinforcing students for positive social behaviors, and responding consistently to the occurrence of problem behaviors. Schools interested in MTSS for behavior form a planning team with members representing the entire school community. One of the first steps the team takes is to introduce all faculty and staff members to school-wide positive behavior support and to assess faculty “buy in”. When over 80% of faculty members are in favor of moving forward, the self assessment process begins.

The planning team works with faculty to conduct a self assessment and action plan before moving forward with school-wide Tier 1 interventions to ensure that the MTSS behavior efforts are driven by consensus and group planning. The planning team meets regularly with faculty and, together, a set of Tier 1 interventions are identified and implemented. Data based decision making is a key part of all school-wide positive behavior support planning and, therefore, it is important for the planning team to spend time with faculty getting “ready” to use software programs that will summarize school improvement data quickly and efficiently.

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Tier 1 Early Childhood Positive Behavior Support

Tier 1 MTSS for Behavior in Elementary, Middle and High Schools

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